TSHA 2017, Austin, TX

The Texas Speech Language and Hearing Association 2017 conference has been a success. This year, I attended as an exhibitor, as well as a presenter. Our app, SVO Power was officially released to the public in the Apple Store in November 2017 and this event was our debut to the community! We have previously established an online presence, but needed to be in touch with our potential customers to be able to make connections and discuss the capabilities and functions of the SVO Power App. We couldn’t be happier with the turn out.

Me in our booth sporting our new SVO Power t-shirts and my baby bump!

The pink Swell water bottles that said “I❤SLP” were a hit! We gave away 5 bottles in drawings during the time we were there.

To provide a little background, my father and I co-own SVO Power Tech, Inc. The origins of SVO Power began in 2011. As the system took shape, my computer programmer father, David Ray, of Hot Springs, AR, offered to program an app that would make the method available to the public. We are thrilled to finally be able to release the app and share it with all of you! We hope it will fill homes, classrooms, therapeutic, and educational environments across the globe as we believe it has the potential to provide user-friendly communication access to a wide variety of individuals.

I attended the TXSHA conference as an exhibitor with my husband, Edward Roberts. I am so thankful for my “husband helper” and couldn’t be more proud of how he has provided his support and involvement in this project. We worked great as a team sharing with all of those who were interested to learn about SVO Power. I don’t know when our next opportunity will be to participate in an exhibitor booth as we are expecting our first child in May, a baby girl. Either way, I feel certain that “Ed” will play an integral role in the forward movement of the company. We have collected our thoughts after attending the conference and will share with you some key points that we learned and observed in the coming days.

My “Husband Helper”

My husband impressing me with his ability to explain the subject matter. I guess he really does listen to me!

Ed explaining the SVO Power App

On February 23, 2017 at TXSHA, I presented from 4-5 “The SVO Power App: A Stepping Stone to More Complex AAC” at the Austin Convention Center. Aside from the typical technical difficulties that come along with providing a presentation including sound, I felt it went smoothly and enjoyed the feedback many of the audience members shared with me the following day. I was able to make an audio recording of my presentation and I am happy to share it with you.

Here is a link to the recording: 

The SVO Power App: A stepping stone to more complex AAC

Feel free to listen to it and contact me (MySVOPower@gmail.com) if I can answer any questions! More to come…

Until then,

Julie Ray Roberts,

SVO Power Creator

Facebook: SVO Power Support Group

Instagram: SVOPower


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